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What do you get when you take all the world's countries and give them a human personality? Hetalia~!
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 Read: Rules to the Forum

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PostSubject: Read: Rules to the Forum   Thu Jan 19, 2012 7:28 pm

Here are the rules to the forum.

1. Submissions
When you want to submit a characters, there are two different places they go to, depending on whether you're wanting to roleplay an original character or not. If you are submitting an application for a canon character, please send it to me in a PM. If it is a character of your own creation, click on "Character Template" and then create a New Topic with the application for your OC.

2. Content
Please keep content PG-13. Profanity is allowed since it is used in the anime. But please no racism, sexist comments, or anything that can be considered hurtful to others. As for profile pictures, please make sure they do not contain any nudity, profanity, or sexual content

3. Roleplaying
You can start roleplaying in the forum once your character is accepted or you are made a canon character. It would be easier to understand if roleplaying was done in paragraph form. [ex. It's like a paragraph in a book.] Do not roleplay as a taken character in the forums. An exception is on the chat room if roleplays do take place. There might be a roleplay in the chat room that needs a character and the roleplayer is not there at the time, ONLY then would it be okay to roleplay a taken character, but if the roleplayer of said character joins in, no more. Only they can roleplay as their character if they are present.

4. Characters
Characters that are allowed are the canon characters. And as for the OC's, countries that do not have an official design. Provinces are allowed to, [ex. Quebec, British Columbia, Ontario.] Capital cities of the countries are allowed, too [ex. Rome, Tokyo, Paris.] Also the states are allowed. [ex. Texas, Florida, Ohio.]
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Read: Rules to the Forum
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