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What do you get when you take all the world's countries and give them a human personality? Hetalia~!
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 South Texas is will wait for approval.

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PostSubject: South Texas is will wait for approval.   Fri Feb 17, 2012 10:57 pm

Country/State name: (South) Texas
Human Name: Gloria Rodriguez Jones

Physical Appearance: [[Yes, i drew her! :3]]

Character Personality: South is a kind, friendly girl that is always their for you when you
need her, but she also has her violent/rebellious personality that she
tends to use when angered or when she doesn't get enough sleep. Gloria
is a major Tom-boy and Tsundere. She has a soft-spot for children
animals, and younger siblings. She's also a sucker, for romance and cute
things. But Gloria still has her weak vulnerable moments, that's when
she avoid anyone who scare or bullies her... well she tries to. South
also hates to talk about horrible past events, like the civil war or
9/11, which she tends to avoid it as much as she can. She's also a
workaholic when it comes to paperwork, and such...

Why Do You Want This Character?: Well i wanna... be my character
because i want people to know the other side of Texas, the non-cowboy one, and to be one with my state!

PS. I'm sorry for typing way to much! D:>
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South Texas is will wait for approval.
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