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What do you get when you take all the world's countries and give them a human personality? Hetalia~!
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 What An Application Should Look Like

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PostSubject: What An Application Should Look Like   Wed Jan 18, 2012 8:19 pm

This is an example that Russia sent me.

Country Name: Russia
Human Name: Ivan Braginski
Physical Appearance: Russia is the tallest of the nations and wears a brown coat, snow boots and a long scarf given to him by his sister Ukraine. He has platinum blonde hair and violet eyes. On his hands, he wears black gloves.
Character Personality: Russia is intimidating but is easygoing and has the cruelty of a child. He is unaware of his own cruel tendencies. He has mentally snapped from the country's bloody history.
Why Do You Want This Character: I am told by many of my friends that I am the equivalent of Ivan. I rp fem!Russia on YT and it is scary how well Russia fits my actual personality... I plan on cosplaying Russia real soon.
Font color: Yellow for it reminds me of my beautiful sunflowers~

Multumesc, Russia~!
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What An Application Should Look Like
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